Jan Gebser
Jan Gebser Published on January 10, 2022

Covid cases are rising rapidly around the world thanks to a new variant called Omicron.

It’s still too early to determine exactly how dangerous the variant which was first detected in South Africa is, but it appears to be very transmissible which is sparking concern.

As a result, many countries around the world, including the UK, have introduced new measures to combat the variant by reducing cases and preventing deaths.

In an announcement that was reminiscent of March 2020, Boris Johnson just announced a series of new ‘Plan B’ measures including compulsory face masks, working from home and vaccine passports.

Now, a new meme is going viral on Twitter that has sent conspiracy theorists wild…


This week, a new meme is taking over Twitter that conspires the government’s involvement in the pandemic.

Social media users have discovered that the names of the two Covid variants ‘Delta’ and ‘Omicron’ make a horrifying anagram.

The meme says that when you rearrange the letters of the two words, it creates the words ‘Media Control’, and it’s true!

‘Delta Omicron’ really is an anagram of ‘Media Control’, which is pretty creepy.

Is the government using the pandemic to control us through the Media? Social media users certainly think so.


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