Upcoming maintenance | Sunday 28.nov.2021

Jan Gebser
Jan Gebser Published on December 12, 2021

Dear members,


our system will be maintained on Sunday 28.11.2021 in the evening
from 10:00pm until 07:00am in the morning (Central European Time).
During this time you will not be able to log in.


We optimize the core functions of US24.net.
In addition, a few useful and powerful additional features are added.
The following will be performed:

Core System Updates & Improvements

+ Fixing Various Bugs an some Issues

+ Improving Bio Pages

+ Improving Stripe declined payments

+ Improving User-Interface (UI) in various pages

+ Improving various logics and algorythms

+ Adding    A new Framework

+ Adding    An QR Generator

+ Adding    Multiple Profiles

+ Adding    New User-Interface (UI)

+ Adding    Lifetime Pricing

+ Adding    More Payment Gateways

+ Adding    Affiliate Solution

+ Adding    New Custom Pages

+ Adding    FAQs / Support-Center

+ Adding    Default bio page

+ Adding    Old bio page importer

+ Adding    Pinterest Pixel

+ Adding    Campaign List

+ Adding    Some missing translation strings


Be curious, you will like the new UI and Tools!

Best regards,

Jan Gebser

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