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Jan Gebser
Jan Gebser Published on May 17, 2022

Dear Stranger,

so far I haven't bothered much to somehow create and publish special blog posts.

I'm going to put together an interesting set of topics soon and publish posts at specific intervals (weekly).
Probably topics from the following sectors will be compiled and published:
- Internet (IT, Security, Anonymity, Mail, Domain and Webhosting).
- Blogging (Tutorials, How-To's, Best of's articles)

Among other things, I will also ensure that I will publish at certain intervals so-called "case studies" from the respective topic areas.

In which languages will the posts appear?
- English, German (primary)
- Other languages (secondary)

Can I actually create blog posts as a registered USER?
- At the moment this is not yet possible, but planned!

Best regards,
Jan Gebser

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